Distribution Service
  • The company is in charge if the inland transportation such as bonded transportation and container transportation and delivery for all the imported and export shipment that occurs domestically. Moreover by reducing logistics expenses and operation various net-works. It successfully provides one-stop service in link with international transportation to deliver the freight to the customer and to the very place they want safety, accurately and promptly cuts back on expenses on customers. Going beyond the simply freight areas, the company, as a true partner, spurs its capacities to deal with overall logistics from the customer's point of view.
  • In the wake of the bonded transportation operation, base on the international transportation, World Trans started a customer's clearance handing service.
    This business deals with customs clearance of exporting and importing freight.
  • World Trans makes an effort to provide one-stop service by connecting the company's owned networks for example international transportation, bonded transportation, storage, delivery, and so on. And we provide the service collectively once and for all in order to streamline and speed up the customers' service at the window and further to cut back on the logistics expenses on the customers.
  • Marine cargo and directly related to the services provided.
    • Flight Schedule Information
    • LCL cargo transportation services
    • 3PLservices
    • (T / S Cargo) Transportation Services
    • FCL freight transportation services