Office Moving
  • World Trans is specialized in office moves. Our large supply of equipment and highly trained personnel enables World Trans to carry out every size of office-move. An office move is often a complex undertaking, which requires a lot of know-how and expertise. After thoroughly understanding your requirements, every step will be preplanned and scheduled by our project – manager and a customized scenario will be tailor-made for you in order to maximize your offices normal working productivity during and after the move.
  • Knowledge and efficiency are the basic elements that guaranty solid and reliable services.
    • At your request, we can previously supply you cardboard boxes, so that your company’s personnel can pack certain documents and papers.
    • All PC’s components will be secured with moving blankets, and then packed in special boxes.
    • Archives, documents, stationary items will be packed in boxes.
    • Taking into consideration their size, furniture items will be dismantled or not. In any situation, the furniture will be protected with special moving blankets.
    • Fragile items (statutes, antiques, glasses, plates etc.) will be wrapped in 2 silk paper layers.
    • All boxes, the furniture items and PC’s equipments will be marked with stickers (provided by Balkan Moving IRS), according to their exact destination – floor/room