Overseas moving
  • No doubt, moving to a new country is exciting. A new land, new culture, a new life, But with the excitement comes a fair amount of complication and unfamiliar challenges. It's unavoidable.
  • Whether it's acquiring the proper customs documentation, prepping and packing your belongings for the rigors of international shipment, or booking the various modes of transport you'll require, there's much to think about and even more to do.
  • World Trans has been relocating families International Nelly since 1996. As one of the largest international moving companies in Japan we know precisely what it takes to make international moving a stress-free experience. With a dedicated division, complete with specially trained Global Move Specialists and Crews, you can be sure your shipment is in good hands.
  • World Trans understands that every country has specific customs requirements, restrictions and documentation. We provide you with all of the information necessary and work with you to identify any restricted or prohibited items. Our global relocation specialists will guide you through the process and assist you in completing all of the necessary paperwork.
  • To minimize the stress of moving, we suggest you visit our Resource Center to download country specific forms ahead of time and work with our Global Move Specialist to complete the required information.
      • [ Documents required for export clearance ]
      • 1. Copy of your passport
      • 2. Airplane ticket or certificate of reservation
      • We will prepare the other required documents for export clearance.